What Is Your Game Console For Modern Warfare 2


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Modern Warfare 2 is expected to be one of the most successful game products of all time.
As its advertising agency, TBWA, sold the previous game such as Halo 3, Gran theft and GT over 14 million within 2 years. They believe that they can sell Modern Warfare 2 over than 11 million unit in 2 months. As war game war, we expect more of the same excitement, tense action and solid gameplay from this game.

Modern Warfare 2 promises new weapons, character upgrades stealth campaign mission - single player and co-operative aside from the main game mode. It provide gamers more new weapons, upgrades of campaign mission and single or co-operative player mode.
As a PS3 and PS2 users, I am familiar with this sony corporation console. For me, playing game using PS3 is more than just an entertainment. Therefore to play Modern Warfare 2, I like to use PS3 of my console game. However, it does not mean that I do not like Xbox 360 as it also the great game console that has been sold more than PS3. Xbox 360 is very popular among gamers because it has great quality with the reasonable price. Yes, PS3 is more expensive than Xbox 360. It just the choice of game console. Therefore, you may have different opinion about the game whether it is Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 or even WII. The most important thing is you can enjoy playing the great war game Modern Warfare 2. Please support my SEO Contest Stop Dreaming Start Action

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