Two Aspects Before Choosing webhosting Company


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Before choosing which webhosting do you want to host your sites or blogs, you have to take a look at two important aspects of its packages as follows:

First of all is about the reliability or up time. It is important factor that you should put into your first priority as your sites and blogs' access will depend on. You have to make sure that your sites or blogs are easily accessible and without interruption in 24/7/365. Make sure that the webhosting company can give you up time 99,9% guarantee or you will get your money back in one month or two. The reliability really influences your position in search engines as well as the visitors.

The second one is the features that you will get like a guarantee to get the best PHP hosting. There are some webhosting companies that do not include php webhosting in their packages to offer you the cheap package price but I do not suggested to take it. However, if there is a webhosting that offers features like CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl, MySQL, SSH, SSL, and IMAP or POP/SMTP for your email options in about $ 5 or less, I think it is really good option. Besides, the technical support that is available in 24/7/365 days per year and a ticket system to ask any webhosting problems. The reseller hosting is another advantage you may get from your hosting.

Those two aspects above are the very crucial aspects that you have to consider before hosting your sites and blogs.

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