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One of the most important things which are considered to put your blog ranked whether it is for google page rank or Alexa Rank is your web’s links. How many webs or blogs that link to your blog and what qualities they are, determine your blog ranking. So, the more webs and the more qualified links, the easier for you to get the better ranking. Moreover, the links are also very useful factor to get more traffics as the visitors will easily find your blog when browse through internet.

As a blogger or webmaster, I am sure that you have tried some ways to improve your links in order to make your blog ranked well such as producing the quality content to attract more webs link to your blog, link exchanges among bloggers, using PPC, free classified ads and more. Besides, you can also using free linking building service to boost your blog ranking. For this, I recommend you to use this service as a tool to increase your links quicker as they provide good services.

Forum webmaster. You can use this service to connect with webmasters who have sites like yours, negotiate link trades, and share ideas about how best to optimize a site for search engine purposes.

Free Link Exchange Service. You just sign up the simple exchange tool that is available and you make a list of the sites you want to make an exchange. Finally, you will receive the links that agree with you to exchange.

You can also find the qualified articles contain current tips, trends and news which are very valuable to your blog’s improvements.

And many other services you can find them yourself in

Finally, it is a good chance and free services you can use and maximize in order to build your blog’s links.

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Comments (7)

Nice artikel and very important tips, Bos!
I hope next time i can realize this tips.

I'm sorry, Bos!
I can't speak english more.
may be this article for get Adsense or others, hehehe...

KLIK BISNIS GURU : Referensi Bisnis Online dan Info Pendidikan

ikutan program paid review juga mas?

mas zam...
likely will soon go to google adsense

I support U Mas Zam

As a new blogger I'm sure this post is very2 nice. God luck you, Mas Zams. Success forever.

I wait your post in English again, as soon as possible.

When a Indonesian blogger start write blog post in english there are two ways will be done in internet marketing :
1. Google Adsense...
2. Paid Review...

Where is you mr. zams? Hehehe...

@Umar Pujakesuma=yes, you are right my friend, I will try all of the possibilities to monetize the blog
@adi wardana= yup betul sekali. he..he..
@fadly muin=I have a plan to make an English blog next time asap.
@sumartono=thank you my friend. goodluck
@Arief Maulana= You are indeed have good sense to guess what in my mind is.. great ...

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