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I am sure that you have known or familiar with file extension itl. As I know file extension itl is used more for iTunes that consist of a list of songs from the library created by the user, several song ratings and comments. But after browsing internet I find out that it is used also for IntelliTipster and ITEM Toolkit.
For iTunes, if file extension itl is missing or accidentally removed from the library file, iTunes will make .itl once after it started but all play lists, comments and ratings will be lost.

IntelliTipster is used for sport and betting as it can track sports teams and leagues. While ITEM Toolkit is used for the companies to make analysis and audits as it is model software reliability and can perform decision tree analysis and safety assessments.

To run file extension itl, you should have your PC installed with the appropriated program whether it is for iTunes, IntelliTipster and ITEM Toolkit. If you do not recognize or you do not install the program, it would be almost impossible to run it.

Therefore, if you receive the files that have itl file extension, you have to make sure that they are with the compatible programs or if you do not get the programs, you can ask them to resend them to you.

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