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Do you ever read files in PDF format? I am sure that you have, but why do you have to use PDF format to read the information or why the author must convert to pdf?
PDF stands for "portable document format". It is a file format that is independent from any software application and operating system. Therefore, it is useful to know its advantages before converting to PDF file with pdf creator as follows:

1. It is easy to read anywhere. You can use free software like pdf reader to read PDF file. So, it is really easy and simple to read PDF file, whenever and wherever you want to read it, you can do.
2. All visual elements that are created in MS Words can be converted word to pdf file in ease.
3) It is easy also to insert hyperlinks, markup, music, text note, movies and file attachments
4) It is equipped by security access. It means that you can protect your PDF file using certain passwords that only allows to certain people such as members only to open that file. So, it is important when you sell ebook via internet. Besides, PDF file will be safe from any viruses like trojan that can damage the file. Your valuable work will be very secure.
5) It is easy to be compressed to make the file smaller without quality loss in order to make it faster to download and upload.

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