How To Optimize Web Directories To Boost Your Ranking In Search Engines Result


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What do you know about web directories?

They are lists of websites which are categorized. A certain category is containing websites for certain relevant contain. Or in another word, they are sites in a category that have the same topic. If your site is listed, it has a link from that web directory, especially, if it is listed in the major web directories such as DMOZ, and Yahoo. The more the links are listed in directories the more important the sites are.

Therefore, web directories are good sites to get important backlinks whether they are paid listings or just free ones. If you want your sites listed in the top of the first page, the easiest way is you pay, as it is relatively difficult to get ranked in first page if you want it free. Besides, your sites will be listed quickly, they are always get the top of the first page.
Nevertheless, you should learn the rules before deciding to pay for the web directory. You should, however, pay more attention to the following details before submitting your sites:

1. The Title : What is your anchor texts, search for the competitive keywords. If it is needed you should give an additional keywords or secondary keywords.

2. Description : create a short and clear description that is representative of your article.

3. Category : It is very important to choose the correct category that suits your subject.
Try and find categories with fewer listings in order to get your listing stands out.

Do not forget to create a variation of keywords using different phrases if you submitting you site to more than 25 web directories as they do not like the single keyword of your site.

How to find web directories? It is very simple of course as you can find them by searching in internet. They are many available you can get them easily and submit as many as you can.

Do not consider about Page Rank if you want to submit to free web directory as all links will be valuable although the higher ranking of course, will be better. Although most of web directories are accepted wide rang of topics, the niches directories will be the best.

Finally, find out web directories that meet your topic especially the niche directories. And it is suggested to pay if you have budget to get your site listed in the top of the first page of web directories.

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