Tips How To Extend HTC EVO 4G's Battery Life Longer


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The common problem of feature rich smart phones is the battery life including the HTC EVO 4G that is quickly exhausted. The question is how to extend your high-end phone's battery life longer with easy tweaks. Although some users have already known but these simple tips are still useful for other novice customers.

Please read the following simple tips:

  1. Turn off 3G/4G when you’re not using either of them;
  2. Turn off the GPS if you’re not using it;
  3. Lower the brightness to something reasonably bearable/useable to you;
  4. If you are using wallpapers/backgrounds, use black-colored ones 
Above are very simple tips of how to extend your high-end phone's battery life but you can read other useful tips at

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One more, turn off the automatic Wifi and also turn off your mobile phone (Joke :D).

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