What Kind Of Trade Show Flooring Do You Choose?


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If you would like map out the space for a trade show, you have to think about product displays, signage, electrical supply and floor lay out.

Usually, the trade show venues have the concrete floor but it is allowed to the merchants to make up or provide extra flooring like trade show carpet if they want to. Beside it is more attractive, they can also add logo of their products and they believe that the logo is important for product branding and promotion.

Most of the merchants choose to make a one-time investment in portable and reusable flooring as the can save more money in long term. You can choose one of the best types for trade show flooring as follows:

1. Hardwood tiles
The advantage of using harword tiles is that they are slightly elevated, easy to manage electrical cords and other connections.
2. Carpet Rolls
Easy to roll out and roll up without worrying to set up and set down. You are free choose the color of your carpet and add business’ logo or logo mats if desired. It is simpler and easier than hardwood but you have to frequently vacuum to make it fresh and clean.
3. Rubber Flooring
Low maintance. It is good choice for thade show applications. Unlike the two options above, the rubber flooring is thick and dense. It is very easy to use as you can set up in a minute, resists to cut and easy also to clean. For the color, they bring a wide range of options.

So, what kind of trade show flooring do you choose for your business promotion?

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