Can Amazon Kindle 2’s Belkin Neoprene Sleeve Case Protect Your Kindle 2..?


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Amazon Kindle 2’s Belkin Neoprene Sleeve Case is an ebook reader protection (like Amazon Kindle Leathe Cover) that is specially designed to protect Kindle 2 from any scratches. Belkin’s Neoprene Sleeve Case is really slim, great design, and sturdy that will keep your collection of books secure and safe even if you are moving around.

This Sleeve Case material is neoprene (used also in wetsuit) and its thick padding really prevents it from shock and scratches especially its large screen. Yes, Belkin’s Neoprene Sleeve Case has calculated every detail for your kindle protection. The Belkin Neoprene Sleeve Case is designed to have easy access as it has two zippers configured in a unique asymmetrical design whether from the its top or side.

Technical Details
• Case protects Amazon 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle from scratches
• Compact, form-fitting design
• Made of neoprene with faux-leather accents for added grip
• Zippers are padded and asymetrically positioned for quick access
• Stylish and professional-looking black design

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